Foto Mosaik


Create mosaic-pictures using your own photos


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Foto Mosaik is a different program that allows you to create original mosaics featuring your favorite photos.

What's a mosaic-picture? It's a big picture composed by small photos. The typical picture that when viewed from a certain distance seems to be a normal picture but when you get closer you realize that is composed by small photos. It's a really good photo effect, and from now on you'll be able to create your own mosaic-pictures in a snap.

The first step is to create a database with the photos you want to use as base to create the mosaic. Once you'll have the database, you only have to choose the picture you want to be created - The big one-, choose the number of small photos to use and the number of times they can be included repeatedly. That's easy!.

Foto Mosaik allows you to admin several picture databases, as well as use more than one database for ne creation. Furthermore, you'll be able to adjust settings during the process, because the program offers a preview of the final result.

Finally, Foto-Mosaic also includes the possibility of ordering the online print of your poster, though you'll have to pay for the service.
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